There is a new column in Archibus v24.1 and higher. It is called “uuid” and seems to be a placeholder for unique identifiers from other systems (SerraView)
This new column generates errors in Archibus Client Server when tables that contain the new column are accessed. (Example tables: em, eq)
Also, users have been unable to enter data into these columns through Client Server.

Causes and Learnings

  • These errors are caused by a minimum value entry in the afm_flds table for the uuid columns
  • Removing this entry prevents the error in Client Server
  • The Client Server error does not get in the way; it allows the application to function as normal. It’s just a pain
  • The reason that users cannot enter values in the uuid field is that this field is designated a Calculated Field in afm_flds
  • This error does not occur in Smart Client

Root Cause

This is the result of Archibus taking steps away from Client Server, a product that is no longer officially supported, and continuing to evolve the schema

RSC Response

If RSC wishes to continue to use Client Server, we have two choices for dealing with this error. Our choices are:

  • Learn to live with the error messages rather than take our Archibus DBs out of “standard” state (Yes, this is what we will do – Lowest effort, highest level of Archibus Standarization)
  • Change the afm_flds entries – Eliminate the “minimum value” entries for these columns (No – This makes our DBs non-standard, and takes unneeded work)


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