What an awesome quote by Henry Ford.  We at Robert Stephen Consulting, believe in the value of hard work and finding a solution.  That’s why we promise to provide our clients with exactly the type of IWMS service they deserve.  We believe in solving problems as quickly as possible and saving our clients as much money, time, and space as possible.

For years we’ve worked with one of the great Computer Hardware companies in the Silicon Valley — SGI.  Back in the very early days of RSC, Bob Stephen (CEO) managed to save SGI approximately $30,000,000 in a matter of only five hours.

Here’s how:

At the time, Silicon Graphics, Inc. was preparing to sell the eight buildings they had built on two different campuses in the Silicon Valley.  One afternoon, the Vice President of Corporate Real Estate came to Bob Stephen with questions about seemingly inaccurate numbers.  After about 45 minutes of reviewing the background data (drawings and spreadsheets of square footage information) from SGI’s real estate company, Bob came to a startling conclusion.  It was determined that there was a dramatic miscalculation of the vertical penetration according to Bowman Standards by the real estate company. He informed the VP of CRE the square footage had been inflated, meaning the vertical penetration was never included.  Bob then walked all 8 buildings with their people from the corporate real estate company.  An hour and a half later, at the end of their walk through, everyone agreed — Bob’s number’s were correct.

The VP reported back that SGI was able to increase the sale of their buildings by $30 million,  all because of Bob’s knowledge of the Bowman Standards, commitment to accuracy, diligent data recording in ARCHIBUS, and ability to catch the miscalculation in square footage.

You can read more about this success story in one of our case studies here.

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