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There are many impressive new features in reporting with the V.22 & V.23 ARCHIBUS updates. Some of these enhancements include: Home Page Editor, Maps on Home Page, View Analysis Command, Publishing 3D Graphics, Printing directly to PPT, Emailed Notifications on Metrics & Alerts, Drawing Printing, Space Console (improved printing templates), Background Layers, Markup Control, Google & ESRI support, Enterprise Graphics & GIS, New Map Type Displays, and more!

We’ve included a little more in depth look at a few of our favorites below.

Home Page Editor

The editor quickly edits the home page for all users of a role at the same time. Add new panels and rows with a click. Reorder panels with a drag and drop. Add metrics, alerts, and menu tasks from pop up pick lists.

The ARCHIBUS Home Page Editor allows teams to quickly access features they need to accomplish the job.  The new version filters through your data to find what is important and needs immediate attention. Because different roles need to access different features, the V.23.1 release includes a drag-and-drop editing interface for the Home Page Editor. Now your Home Page can change fluidly with your responsibilities and projects as long as the user has home page editing abilities enabled.

Publishing 3-D Graphics

New 3-D publishing allows users to publish 3D BIM model graphics and access ARCHIBUS asset information from the Web!

Email Notifications on Metrics & Alerts

Who doesn’t like tailored notifications on key alerts? With this new feature, you can have ARCHIBUS automatically alert you to critical items even when you’re not logged into your Home Page. The proactive email notifications include relative links so you can immediately drill into the appropriate console view to resolve any issue. There are templates to insert different metric values, fine tune recipient lists, and create different types of notifications such as high or low warning limit, high or low critical limit, or targeted report limits.

Strategic Financial Analysis Module

There is another fantastic new application in the V23.1 release, Strategic Financial Analysis (SFA). This new module leverages the expanded Enterprise Information Modeling (EIM) application. It is part of the Real Estate Portfolio Management application in Web Central.

The SFA application in Web Central takes a company’s  financial data, once entered into the appropriate fields in the database, and creates reports, dashboards, and an easy-to-use interactive console. The module tracks balance sheet items such as assets, with purchase values, market values, depreciation on assets into the Capital Analysis. Additionally, the module tracks income and expenses to create a Profit & Loss analysis. The dark blue panel brackets, highlights, and explains various areas of the Profit & Loss panel.
The map displays locations and contains certain data points that map to either an Analysis or Asset Scorecard below the map.

The goal of the Strategic Financial Analysis application is to introduce this holistic type of analysis so that clients can get quick views into their total financial picture. For example:

  • Total cost of ownership, on a map, that allow users to quickly compare.
  • Total cost of occupancy can be displayed on the map, and in the scorecard below.

Finally, there is a cost wizard that allows a quick and filterable view into recurring costs for a building.

All in all, the SFA application is an amazing new feature of the V.23.1 release. If you’d like more information regarding the module, be sure to reach out!

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