Knowing how much a company is going to invest in an IWMS system before they invest in it is naturally what any client is concerned about.

To give just one blanket number is impossible because there are many features that can be bought in an IWMS. It is very customizable. It is similar to looking at the different types of features in a satellite dish TV package, though, unfortunately, satellite TV is not one of the features available in an IWMS.

What features are available?

Features range anywhere from tracking physical space to tracking cost and even building certifications. AutoCAD drawings, highlights by department, occupancy/vacancy, realization and utilization, and asset tracking are some examples of physical space that can be tracked. By means of cost tracking, lease management, capital budgeting, and project management are just a few examples of this. MSDS specifications, LEED building and compliance can be tracked. Even work requests and mainenance can be tracked with features such as building operations, on demand work, preventive maintenance, and housekeeping.

Depending on the combination of options a client wants, IWMS systems can be relatively inexpensive or a large amount of money.

How much does all this cost?

Historically, in the last four years, RSC’s proposals were:

  • $700 (lowest)
  • $370,000 (highest)
  • $75,000 (average)

IWMS is very maleable to what companies need and want to track, not only in terms of features, but also cost. RSC is willing and committed to finding this perfect fit for companies.

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