Bob: Different departments do receive different benefits. So, for example, the building operations module, I believe, that the highest return of investment on that comes from the supervisor and the craftspersons. Their ability to use a hand-held out in the field and provide the answers to the supervisors of what they have done – cost of parts, how many hours they used, what was the cause of the break – is of huge benefit to be able to have them do that immediately so they don’t have to come back to the office, write it down on a piece of paper, and hand it up the thing. Then for the supervisor to be able to get that data, analyze it, and make decisions on whether they need more craftspersons or whether certain craftspersons are working efficiently or not. Now, different departments such as space management and corporate real estate use the data basically to report their actual assets to the world so they can properly identify the square footage they have, what their headcount is, how much money they’re spending on leases. It’s a different need than the building operations module, but basically the same app, pulled from some very similar data.

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