Changes need to be made to the Archibus Configuration for Smart Client to publish floorplans in SVG (HTML5) vs SWF (Flash) format. The SVG formats are needed for drawings to be visible in versions of Archibus v23.2 and higher.
To configure Archibus to publish SVG floorplans, take the following steps:

  1. For the Archibus Instance you are publishing to, open the afm_dwgpub database table using either SmartClient or Client Server
  2. Display the following fields:
  3. Rule Code
  4. Title
  5. Active
  6. Type
  7. Make changes to the following rules:
  8. AbPubBackgroundSVG
  9. AbPubBackground
  10. Set them as follows:
  11. Active = Yes
  12. Type = SVG (NOT SWF and SVG)
  13. We can also compare settings from another client where publishing is known to work (i.e. El Camino Hospital)
  14. Restart Tomcat

When AutoCAD is reconnected to Archibus and Enterprise Graphics are published, SVG floorplans should now be generated.
In AutoCAD, layers must be changed within the FM drawing.

  1. Review “Publish Enterprise Graphics” options
  2. Look and Feel
  3. Line width % = 0.09
  4. Fill Opacity = 0.3
  5. Layer management
  6. Color = (True Color tab) 192, 192, 192
  7. All AB layers
  8. All IB layers
  9. Layer ‘0’
  10. Layer ‘xref’
  11. Color = (True Color tab) 238, 238, 238
  12. All GROS layers
  13. All RM layers
  14. Also note – When reviewing floor plan in Web Central – Space Console or Hotel Booking:
  15. All ellipses in AutoCAD must be converted to polylines


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