RSC is going to be using a VPN, or “Virtual Private Network” connection to better protect RSC servers hosted with Ntirety. To connect to these servers via Remote Desktop, or to use Git, you will soon need to make a VPN connection.
This requires downloading an application onto your laptop and configuring it. This document tells you how to do that.

Installation Steps

Here are the steps:

  • Get the RSC OpenVPN Configuration File from File Manager.
  • It’s located here: Files » Robert Stephen Consulting, LLC » ADMIN » Internal » Software » Applications » OpenVPN Configuration
  • It is named “H226662-den-client.ovpn”
  • Download the Open VPN client from one of the links below
  • Windows 10 Client:
  • Windows 7 Client:
  • Android Client:
  • iPhone Client:
  • Run the OpenVPN Software (Search for “openvpn” and start the program you find). First it will give a message saying that it can’t find any valid configurations. That’s OK. Then It becomes an icon in your Windows System Tray (the icons down near the clock in the lower right corner of Windows)
  • Find the OpenVPN in the System Tray (It looks like a green computer monitor with a lock). Right click it and choose to import the OpenVPN Configuration File you retrieved earlier.
  • Next, Find the OpenVPN Icon again and choose “Connect.” Your username will be the first part of your RSC email, the part before “”. You won’t need a domain or the “” extension. Your password will be the same as the one you use to connect to RSC Servers using Windows Remote Desktop. If you don’t do that much, it is probably the same as your email password.
  • Once you are connected you’ll see this icon in the system tray
  • To verify the connection, use Remote Desktop to connect to the RSC Stage server below using one of the the 2 IP Addresses below. If you’re able to use either to connect, you’re in, and setup is complete!

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