Untranslated Value

All employees (em table) must have an employee standard. This field is listed as “em.em_std”.
The employee standard (emstd table) will show a list of the available standards, as well as a description of each standard.
The “rsc_translation” table shows how the system will sync each employee based on their employee standard.
If, while in the “rsc_translation” table, there is no description in the “Translate To” field, an automated email will be sent.

*This is an automated message. Please do not reply to this message.
The following list of of records from the RSC_TRANSLATION table require a translated value.
This is either for Employee Standard, Employee Status or Business Unit.
Untranslated Value
Full time

To resolve this, you must make sure the “Translate To” field has a valid description.
Before typing in the “Translate To” field, this description must be detailed within the “emstd” table.

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