Archibus’ pre-built ability to integrate with other applications excels at integrating with ESRI Indoors.


A prominent social media client based out of San Francisco.


This large social media client of 10 years has had great success tracking their indoor assets with Archibus. The company’s security team desired the same tracking and locating capabilities for their outdoor assets, many of which are security cameras. The addition of such asset visibility would allow security to immediately respond to an emergency incident by locating in real-time the camera recording the incident. It would also allow the team to rapidly access essential asset information, such as whether routine maintenance has been completed, what lifecycle stage the asset is in, how much the asset costs to replace, and much more. Having recently added ESRI to their suite of building and campus maintenance software, the client’s security team needed a way to leverage both Archibus’s robust asset tracking and ESRI Indoors’ exceptional data visualization abilities to improve their every-day operations.


Having worked extensively with the ESRI-Archibus integration, our tech team knew that Archibus was built to integrate seamlessly with other pieces of software, and that combining Archibus’s robust asset tracking and ESRI Indoors’ exceptional data visualization would allow security to retrieve and comprehend asset data in just a few seconds.

Now, this client’s ESRI-Archibus integration uses ESRI’s maps and the client’s polylines to display images of the client’s entire campus, both inside and out. The security team accesses these maps to find an asset’s location and other essential information in just a few seconds. Using this method, the team can respond to security incidents faster than ever.

Our client can use this integration across other departments that own large amounts of assets to more quickly perform routine maintenance and with high-performing software, reducing errors. Additionally, key stakeholders can gain a more complete view of what they own and make informed decisions about the financial direction of the company.

Are you ready to better understand where your physical assets are and how much they cost? Let’s explore your needs.

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