Solution implemented in two months, a record time.


A major healthcare company in California.


Wanting to reduce their real estate holdings, our client decided to transition a large number of their employees to be remote workers. This also meant transitioning a majority of workspaces from permanent, assigned desks to reservable hotel spaces. As a result, hotel spaces would often be scheduled but never used. RSC was brought in to find a solution that would maximize their space utilization. Time was of the essence, as this client would be moving to a new campus in less than three months and wanted the solution ready for the new site.


RSC’s consulting team worked closely with our clients’ stakeholders and partnered with Modius, a sensor technology company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, to determine that placing an occupancy sensor on each hotel seat was the most efficient solution. These particular sensors would determine whether the hotel space is occupied, then cancel the reservation if the seat is not filled within a few minutes after the scheduled start time. Tailored, never-before-seen Archibus dashboards were created and integrated with the sensors to allow the space planning team to report on space utilization and monitor the impact of the solution.

With this combination of sensors and unique reports, our client can now ensure that their space utilization is maximized. They allocate the money that would previously be used in space management to other needed areas of their business. Additionally, their employees have more flexibility when finding a workspace.

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