In case you missed it, here is the ARCHIBUS Press Release on enabling Simplicity through Intelligence given December 23rd, 2014.

ARCHIBUS New Product Release Enables “Simplicity through Intelligence” with Streamlined and Enhanced Mobile, GIS, EAM, and ERP Integration

New software release simplifies integration for improved data-sharing with Microsoft, Oracle, Sage, SAP, UFIDA, and other enterprise or point systems
December 23, 2014 — Boston, Massachusetts

ARCHIBUS, Inc., the world’s #1 developer of real estate, infrastructure and facilities management software, announces the latest release of its ARCHIBUS software suite. Designed to streamline work processes through enhanced mobile apps, GIS, BIM and other features — real estate, facilities, and asset management professionals will find in ARCHIBUS an intuitive business intelligence platform that will help reduce their total cost of ownership by connecting real estate, facilities, and asset management information with their corporate business organization and systems.

In this product release, ARCHIBUS has simplified integration with other EAM and ERP systems via ARCHIBUS Connectors that enable data-sharing with Microsoft, Oracle, Sage, SAP, UFIDA, and other enterprise or point systems. Industry standard transfer formats, such as OSCRE, COBie, and buildingSmart IFC are also used.

“We are excited to bring this new release of ARCHIBUS to the marketplace. It is positioned to deliver to organizations worldwide greater operational efficiency and customer responsiveness through our expanding suite and the capabilities of our product offerings, management consoles, EAM and ERP integration, as well as many other enhancements and innovations,” said ARCHIBUS, Inc. President and CEO Bruce K. Forbes.  “Simplicity through Intelligence is a critical element for the success of Ubiqitous Infrastructure and Facilities Management solutions.”

New productivity-enhancing capabilities of ARCHIBUS cover a wide range of organizational needs including the introduction of new features for the Mobile Framework Apps, the addition of GIS capabilities for geo-referencing everything from equipment to buildings, and integration of facilities information with BIM data for end-to-end, intelligent building lifecycle management. Capital project lifecycle management is streamlined with the new project management console that correlates and presents all information on a single screen.A new generation of workplace services offers self-service requests for repairs, reserving meeting rooms, along with booking support services from practically anywhere in the world. The new product release of ARCHIBUS enables users to achieve their organization’s objectives by providing business intelligence to real estate, facilities, and asset management information for immediate tactical actions and strategic, enterprise-wide decision-making.

We at RSC found this to be particularly exciting.  What do you have to say about the new changes being implemented?

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