We love this client testimonial from Kathleen at County of San Bernardino.


Kathleen: The background of my organization is we have approximately 11 million square feet of leased and owned space, approximately 1,300+ buildings, both leased and owned. My responsibilities include keeping track of all the building square footage, all the occupancy for the buildings. As of late I have become involved in the conversion of our current ARCHIBUS system to an out-of-the-box system.

The first time I used ARCHIBUS was in 1985, at the company I was with formerly. And it was just to track space. It was to know, exactly, at this moment in time, who sits where and who’s going to pay for that space. Now, it’s very similar to that,  but obviously on a much grander scale. But we also are doing facilities management, real-estate management, condition assessment, and several other things. 

The applications we currently use are space, first and foremost, one of the biggest ones. Then, I think, next, would be the facilities, the building ops management system. And we use real-estate, we use condition assessment.

Our main goal, with the implementation of the building ops is to be able to track capital assets and their conditions and develop a capital plan based on those assets so we can forecast in the future what the count is going to spend and what equipment will need to be replaced.

Beginning next fiscal year, which is in July, we will be responsible for providing capital investment information to to the CEO of the county.

My role has changed. Well, I came to the county six years ago when they didn’t have me. So, my role has been, initially, to get space so it was running completely correct and to implement the drawing side of things. I have, you know, polylined millions of square feet of drawings and got those up and running with the allocation of the space, but with the implementation of the facilities side of things, I’ve taken on a lot of those responsibilities, just to be an overseer, if you will, of the ARCHIBUS function because I’m so familiar with it. I’m able to interact with the other departments better to help them get through it.

I think my organization definitely sees my role differently. It came from just doing space, which was a small portion, realistically, of the entire system, to being responsible for the facilities side of things, the implementation of the real-estate side of things, and the space included. So it’s grown, vastly. I’ve become more of a supervisorial position, I think, than an actual doer, worker-bee type. So, that’s a good thing.

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