Here is a simple yet awesome tutorial one of our AutoCAD experts did on the break tool.

Hope you enjoy!


Matt: The break tool is kind of an odd tool. When you type in “break” at the command line, you’re given the prompt to select an object. If you select the object, it instantly asks what the second break point would be. If you click, you end up with this odd break with a space. Your first point is never what you would hope it to be. You can get around it and specify, very specifically, what your first and second break points should be. Break, once again at the command line, select your first object, and rather than pressing a second break point, type in “F”, you get your first break point. You can specify exactly where you would like it. Then it wants the second break point. You can clear out the whole segment by clicking the end, or you can click again at that first point. I prefer to use the keyboard entry “@” to break it into two pieces that join at one location. Now you can see one segment and the other segment. The doll and group menu, the architectural menu, has that series of command sequences all in a single button. Click the “break one point” button, and then select the object tasks for the first break point, click that, then it’s done. You now have a first line and a second line. There you go.

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