Today we’d like to share with you all a little bit about why ARCHIBUS Dashboards in Web Central are so amazing.

“Dashboards”, or ARCHIBUS Page Navigation, is one of the methods that can be used for accessing ARCHIBUS views as well as job specific data such as workflow actions, notifications, and the views that you can access frequently.  Once the Page Navigation is set up, users can set their Navigation Method under My Profile/Navigation to determine whether they want to access ARCHIBUS views using the Process Navigator or the Page Navigator. 1

What’s Cool About Dashboards

The purpose of Dashboards is to have one page with all the views you use most.  Your job becomes easier with Dashboards because it displays all the information you need on a daily basis in one place.  You can say goodbye to the days of searching through the entire IWMS to get the pieces of data most important to your job.

Dashboards make the system easier to start using with little training.  They also help you use the system more efficiently with customizable views for specific individuals based on their ARCHIBUS Role and what their needs are.  Certified Buildings, Environmental Assessments, and Hazard Abatement are incredibly important to the Environmental & Risk Manager while RentableArea, Lease Renewals, and Portfolio Management Compliance are essential to the Director of Real Estate.  You can set up different profiles within Dashboards so each department can see what’s specific to their area of work.

Here you can see two different views.  One of the following Dashboard view is for the Environmental Sustainability and the other is for Portfolio Manager.

Environmental Sustainability Dashboard View
Portfolio Manager Dashboard View

You can clearly see how each dashboard view can be specifically customized depending on the data that an individual needs to see and the views they need access to.

The biggest benefit to using the dashboards, besides the ease of navigation, is to have all the performance metrics available.  With the performance metrics, you can:

  • Manage all of your work from a single page.
  • Execute a strategy by crystallizing vision and direction into measurable actions.
  • Continually measure the alignment of actions to goals.
  • Improve teamwork and organizational performance by building momentum toward visible, well defined, objective goals.
  • Identify over- and underperforming locations, processes, departments, and
  • Set clear expectations for staff, and make staff accountable.
  • Improve operational execution through focus on KPIs.
  • Obtain detailed diagnostics on all aspects of real estate and facility operations.
  • Move from “fighting fires” or attending to the squeakiest wheels, to tasks that will further the organization’s overall strategy.

These are just a few of the reasons why you need ARCHIBUS Dashboards!  They make any job that involves IWMS significantly easier and provide accurate data and trends to help keep multiple departments running smoothly and positively impact your bottom line.

Most of the information in this post comes from our very own Ryan C.  Ryan is amazing with CAD, PHP programming, AXVW programming, and anything ARCHIBUS.  He is truly exceptional when it comes to building operations and ARCHIBUS’ Building Operations Console.  Some believe he may knows more about it than ARCHIBUS themselves!  He is definitely one of RSC’s greatest assets.  We couldn’t imagine going a day without him!

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