If you’re in the FM world, chances are you’ve heard a little bit about MicroView.  MicroView FM™ provides mobile facility data collection and activity management tools that help reduce your facilities and infrastructure management costs.

Whether you need more efficient processes for inventory, maintenance and inspection activities, or quick updates during critical operations like employee moves or large-scale reorganizations, mobile facility management tools give you up-to-date information to control costs.

Save Time Collecting Facilities Data & Managing Activities

MicroViewFM for handheld devices lets you collect, record and update facility data on the spot.  It is an indispensable time saver, allowing data collection and integration on-site at your facilities. Inventory and inspection activities are managed in the field, closing the information loop quickly and accurately. MicroView FM is fully integrated with ARCHIBUS®, ushering in a new era of speed, accuracy, and mobility that revolutionizes the way facilities management data is collected and distributed.

 Space Management

Manage your space and organization with ease.

A critical component of any organization’s corporate records is space and organizational data. Keeping this data up-to-date and accurate poses a challenge to most organizations, and MicroView FM meets this challenge by enabling data to be collected and integrated instantly and on-site. Create an occupancy plan by collecting room and employee information on your handheld device, or download this data from ARCHIBUS® or ARCHIBUS® Web Central to your handheld for audit purposes or as an aide for corporate moves. In emergency situations, responders are dispatched on-site with their MicroView-enabled handheld devices to perform reconnaissance tasks.

Assets Management

Take control of your asset life cycle from acquisition to disposal.

MicroView FM can be used to collect large quantities of asset data, perform disposition surveys and manage asset maintenance operations. Asset inventories can be collected in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional inventory methods. MicroView FM can be tailored to suit your organization’s business model and can be deployed in a number of environments, including at the shipping & receiving dock. Asset receiving data can be shared with your company’s procurement system effectively closing the supply chain loop from the moment assets arrive in your organization through disposition.

Maintenance Management

Ensure timely maintenance for Preventive Maintenance and a quick response to On Demand work or emergencies.

Maintenance personnel can open and close service requests in the field, respond to emergencies, and manage critical buildings systems using daily planned preventive maintenance tasks and on-demand maintenance requests, which can also be dispatched to their handheld device. Any time during a shift, maintenance personnel can retrieve new work or upload completed work from their handhelds. Field staff can record time and materials used on repairs and maintenance activities then upload the data as part of the service work cycle. Time-keeping data can be used to report on equipment histories, workforce performance and budget analysis.

Inspections & Condition Assessment Surveys

Confirm status for Employees, Assets, or link inspections to Work Requests/Work Orders if required, use gathered Condition Assessment Data for Capital Budget Plans.

Managers can easily create inspection or survey questionnaires and then broadcast them to selected handheld units where employees can then complete inspections in the field and immediately share data for capital planning and deferred maintenance purposes.  Safety and security staff can perform life safety surveys or complete routine patrol checklists to support regulatory compliance and security investigations.  Supervisors are able to:

  • Retrieve up-to-date employee locations.
  • Review localized asset inventories during emergency situations
  • Dispatch a security survey to all employee handhelds quickly and easily.
  • Receive statistics and alerts from employees with ease.

It’s easy to see why MicroView is such an amazing tool.  MicroView was created by Robert Stephen Consulting’s very own Geoff Dryer.  Geoff is a senior level programmer at RSC and is an incredibly valuable part of our company.  If you are interested finding out more about MicroView, please contact info@rsc2lc.com.

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