Megan: What have you seen, when a company goes from spreadsheets to an IWMS, as the biggest change they notice?

Bob: First of all, there is a little uneasiness with some of the staff because they think their jobs are going to be replaced by technology. The reality is their job shifts. They shift from producing a couple pieces of data points because it takes so long to produce in excel or on a piece of paper, to producing tens, twenties, hundreds of pieces of data points. Now they begin to provide very strong information. I’ve watched directors be promoted to VP simply because of the data we provide. I’ve seen that on multiple occasions. In fact, there is a story of a director who walked into a meeting with a vacancy/occupancy report of the entire global portfolio. One of the VPs goes, “Where did you get this?” The director said, “Well, I got it from the IWMS system that we’ve got.” The VP called two other VPs in and said, “Did you know we had this information?” The VPs said no. From that information, the director was raised into a VP position because the data was very accurate and it helped them make strategic decisions. They found anomalies and ebbs and flows in their data and their geographic locations.

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