Year after year, businesses are struck by both natural and man-made disasters. These disasters can result in financial loss due to building, inventory, and product damage as well as dislocation. In the tumultuous world we live in, it is incredibly important to make sure you and your business are prepared and protected in case of emergency.

Part of ARCHIBUS Environmental & Risk Management is the Emergency Preparedness application. This phenomenal tool serves as the primary tool to maintain and provide accurate information in the event of a disaster.

ARCHIBUS Emergency Preparedness provides rapid access to critical facility, infrastructure, and occupant information to ensure life safety procedures are followed, property is protected, and disruption to normal operations are minimized.
proactive emergency operations management that can save lives, protect property, and reduce insurance costs. Some of these benefits include:

  • Quick access of accurate information for critical life-safety decisions during a disaster
  • Organizes information for disaster recovery plans
  • Provides information needed to quickly resume normal operations
  • Expedites insurance claims
  • Negotiates with insurance for more favorable coverage terms
“Emergency Preparedness lets users view systems and zones within floor
plans to provide critical safety information to emergency responders”1

ARCHIBUS Emergency Preparedness ensures stability and speedy recovery in the event of a disaster. Though we always hope disaster never strikes us, this type of protection is invaluable.*

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