Megan: You were an architect, that’s what you were trained to be, so what drew you to this side?


Bob: I went to an architecture firm, so I thought I was going to be doing architecture, but I was introduced to the software, so it was kind of a slight-of-hand. I actually think that it was the universe in alignment. I’d been looking for something that fulfilled me a little better than what I had chosen, even though I loved doing architecture. This seemed to fit very comfortably for me. I knew how to program, I was a big stickler on details, I knew AutoCad, I knew graphical space design. When we were tracking spaces for these companies, it was everything I had learned over my forty years of life all focused into one spot. It was very appealing for me. One of the other aspects that made it comfortable was that the pressure of architecture is very demanding. We are to protect the public, we are licensed in states. Our desire is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public, even though we are trying to design a very beautiful space. In the IWMS world, those pressures of safety and making deadlines to the city council were gone. It relieved me of the pressure and provided meaningful information for the companies. It was a very fascinating godsend.

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