Matt: Give an example of a good Key Performance Indicator, or KPI. What makes it a KPI?

Bob: A KPI for a client is understanding whether they actually are pleased with what they are delivered. The way we do that is we may do a survey monkey, or some type of survey to the client, and ask them questions like, “Did RSC provide the solution that you requested on a regular basis?” “Do we listen?” “Are we valued well?” – in other words is it the appropriate price and does it meet scope, schedule, and cost? To me, one of the most important things is scope, schedule, and cost. We pride ourselves on making ourselves meet the exact scope, schedule, and cost. In fact, RSC has a competitive advantage which says that we never ask for a change order, which means that we estimate very well. A KPI for me is, “Do we meet scope, schedule, and cost?”

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