Matt: IWMS systems seem to come with an infinite potential to track things. How and where do you draw the line for what to track?


Bob: That is an excellent question. An IWMS system comes with twenty,  thirty, forty, even fifty things that you could track. We can track everything from pencils to people, desks, furniture, jacks, lights, leases, hazardous materials. I prefer to start very simply with a client with either space management or asset tracking. We start by doing that one thing and doing it well within a two to three month period. Once that success is done, then we can do the next thing and the next and the next. Where do we draw the line? I don’t think we should draw a line. It can be infinite. We have a client that does everything except for lease management in ARCHIBUS. They do it very well.


However, a limiting factor may be the number of resources required to keep the data up. If I were to make sure that the IWMS system is appropriately sized, then I would make sure that we deliver the activities that they want to track in a report. For example, the billing operations module can track anything from parts, tools, craftsperson’s hours and their costs, to outside vendor’s costs.  Many of our clients don’t need that. What they want to do is track the request that has been given, how long it took to complete, and how many resources it took. We draw the line at their resources.

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