Megan: Why and how did you get started on your own as Robert Stephen Consulting?
Bob: One of the fascinating things is when I was working for this architectural firm, I was placed on site for this large tech company in the Silicon Valley and after a while it became apparent that they wanted to bring me on. I wasn’t really interested in that. I wanted to stay as a consultant, and so they asked me if I would consult with them. I agreed, although they wanted me five days I said I wanted four because if I was going to do this I wanted to market and get other clients. So I went four days a week, Monday through Thursday, and then Friday I went out and marketed. Within a year we had four or five clients and two staff. That was back in 2000.
Megan: That’s exciting! How far have you grown since then?
Bob: We are fifteen and a half years. February will be sixteen years for us. We have 18 staff now. We have about 50 clients. We break them up into multiple sectors. We have high tech companies, which is what we are known for. We develop very quickly and very accurately. But we also have medical, government and entertainment. Those are the four categories.

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