The goal of the Green Building Application is to achieve carbon footprint and environmental sustainability certification goals for individual buildings or across an entire portfolio.


  • Delivers an information framework to help reduce overall carbon footprint
  • Facilitates compliance with internal or external reporting requirements
  • Streamlines the computation and comparison of greenhouse gas emissions for all buildings in a portfolio and tracks changes over time
  • Tracks progress, evaluates payback, and identifies best practices to simplify sustainability certification and requalification initiatives

Compare emissions by building, scope, and year at a glance, and drill down to emission scope detail to identify key drivers and areas for improvement.

Managers are increasingly being tasked with achieving carbon footprint goals and managing environmental sustainability certification scores for individual buildings or across their entire portfolio. ARCHIBUS Green Building aids those managers by delivering a highly versatile and robust Web-based platform to provide the information framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and managing the environmental sustainability certification and recertification process. The application helps guide users through the processes of defining environmental criteria and protocols, collecting portfolio data, and evaluating results to help make informed and cost-effective decisions to achieve sustainability goals.

*Information for this article provided by ARCHIBUS*


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