As a CEO and business partner with ARCHIBUS, I have been watching the development of the company very closely for the past 20 years. As I discussed in my previous article, “Why ARCHIBUS is here to stay!”, Bruce Forbes laid a solid foundation destined for success, paving a road for Wise Cho, the new CEO of ARCHIBUS, to follow and lead the company to continued profitability and reputation as a leading and innovative IWMS provider.

I was very impressed with Wise Cho’s presentation at the 2016 NEXUS Conference. I looked for a few key factors in his presentation, and I was not disappointed. The four main concepts that I was looking for, and which were presented were:


  1. A defined mission statement
  2. A connection back to the core values of the company
  3. A clear idea of the direction to where the company is headed
  4. An ambient of collaboration by allowing other leaders within the company lead key discussions
Being a CEO myself, I understand the pressure felt and the responsibilities placed within that world, and I empathize with those put into that position. It can be a difficult, and sometimes lonely, road, as many decisions must be made that require careful thought, planning, and execution, and occasoinally cannot be discussed with anyone else because of legal obligations. I see in Wise Cho a leader who is capable of filling the role as ARCHIBUS’ new CEO and a leader who is capable of making these decisions essential to ARCHIBUS’ continued success.
We at RSC are excited to see what new direction Wise Cho will take ARCHIBUS in the coming years!

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