In December of 2018, ARCHIBUS underwent a significant change by merging with the IWMS company, Serraview. Founded in 2006, Serraview originated in Melbourne, Australia, and now has locations in Melbourne, New York, and London.

Serraview and IWMS

Serraview takes an IoT powered, SaaS approach to IWMS. The Serraview application itself focuses solely on what ARCHIBUS currently terms Space Planning and Management and Workplace Services; Serraview offers solutions to manage how space is used, where employees are located, how to move employee locations, how to deliver that data and information to employees, etc.

Products Available

ARCHIBUS and Serraview are currently working together on the combination of their services and products to provide clients with various solutions to meet their needs. Because Serraview focuses on Space Management and Workplace Services, the Serraview suite be available as one option to clients for Space Planning and Optimization and Workplace Services, while the ARCHIBUS suite will continue to maintain responsibility for the modules ARCHIBUS already offers.

Read ARCHIBUS’s press release on the merger here. For more information, contact RSC at 925.824.3123

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