This month, ARCHIBUS-Serraview launched a new software option for clients called ARCHIBUS Cloud. This cloud-based IWMS is meant to allow clients to experience a wide range of ARCHIBUS modules.

The Cloud option is built on a standard, base package of IWMS capabilities, called Foundations. The modules included in this are space management modules along with employee self-service, service management, and asset tracking modules. From there, a range of modules will be available to clients along with a Serraview integration should they so choose. Currently, the modules that are available are Space Management, Building Operations, Asset Management, and Workplace Services, as well as an integration with Serraview Live and Serraview Space Optimizaiton. 

The modules that are available in ARCHIBUS Cloud. More are expected to be developed throughout 2019.

ARCHIBUS-Serraview anticipates that this will be an ideal solution for smaller companies. This could also be an optimal solution for companies that are new to IWMS, so they can discover the powerful capabilities that ARCHIBUS-Serraview has to offer.

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