Floorplans and charts in ARCHIBUS 23.1 and earlier won’t display

Due to security issues within Adobe Flash, Adobe announced Flash’s discontinuation, which is scheduled for this year.  Web browsers have been slowly transitioning to html5, which uses the browsers’ own capabilities to display media.

Because of the discontinuation of Adobe Flash, RSC strongly recommends that our clients upgrade to ARCHIBUS 24.1, or, towards the middle of this year, 25.1. Without the upgrade, charts that appear in dashboards and images, such as floorplans, will not be displayed. The images below are examples of some of the media that is currently displayed using Adobe Flash.

What this means for ARCHIBUS Users

Without Flash, any ARCHIBUS version earlier than 23.2 will not be able to display floorplans in certain forms, i.e. the Space Console.

Any version earlier than 24.1 will not be able to display charts, such as line graphs, bar charts, pie, charts etc. that usually appear on dashboards.

ARCHIBUS versions 24.1 and later will use HTML5 floorplan and charting. This relies on browsers’ capabilities–as opposed to a third-party software or plugin–to display charts and images.

Clients have a couple of options


Because Flash won’t officially be discontinued until December 31, 2020, clients may choose to wait to upgrade to ARCHIBUS 25.1, which will be released mid-year of 2020.


If clients wish to bypass the extra step of enabling Adobe Flash every time they use ARCHIBUS, they may upgrade to version 24.1 within the year.

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