Being a virtual company has its advantages and disadvangaes.  One of the advantages of being a virtual company is the ability for staff to create their own schedule.  One of the disadvantages is that we don’t get to see each other in person as often as we’d like.  Our version of the water cooler is a series of hipchat messages or a quick gotomeeting.

A couple times a year we are blessed with the opportunity to get together as a group.  One of these opportunities is our annual “All-Hands” meeting.  It’s a chance for everyone in the company to get together, discuss our goals, the direction we’re headed in, and bond.

This year we were lucky enough to hold our meeting at Bridges Golf Club.  If anyone lives in the East Bay Area and has not been there, go, it’s a must! The venue is gorgeous, the food is to-die-for, and the service is wonderful. Here are a few highlights from our meeting:

Half way through our meeting we did a fun activity. If you grew up in Boy Scouts or have a child currently participating, you know what the Pinewood Derby is.  For those who don’t, the Pinewood Derby is a model car race.  Boys create cars out of wood and race them down a simple track.  We did a modified version and carved our cars out of soap bars.  It was a blast! Some people were incredibly creative with their design while others built their cars for speed, and speed only.

We finished our time at Bridges by breaking off into departments and regrouping to share our ideas.

Afterwards Bob treated us to a fun time at the BlackhawkAuto Museum and dinner.  This is another must-see in the Bay Area, especially if you are a car lover.  Our docent was incredibly knowledgeable and had personal stories about each vehicle.

RSC is one of the few lucky companies, where all staff truly does enjoy interacting and working together. We are grateful for any opportunity we have to get together!

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