This quarter’s Bay Area ARCHIBUS Training & User Group was an awesome event!  The training was great and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time mingling afterwards.  RSC is incredibly grateful to Stanford for hosting the training event.  The facility and food were phenomenal!

This quarter’s training covered Moves, Adds, & Changes in ARCHIBUS.  We took a deep look at how to manage moving people in ARCHIBUS Client Server / Web Central, and in RSC’s custom SpaceView tool.  We also covered some great tricks clients can use to do quick, custom reports using ODBC and Excel.

Here is a taste of what we covered:

In order to get to 98% accuracy in employee locations you need to do the following 3 things:

  1. Have a regularly scheduled employee synchronization with the HR department.
  2. Have a single move process that is followed EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  3. Walk the floors on a regular basis (quarterly or yearly).

To find out more about our quarterly BAATUG events, please contact us or comment below!

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