A few weeks ago we shared a post on our Implementation Methodology, or the “pie chart” as we sometimes like to refer to it.  In this post we go into a little bit more detail on the topic.

To recap from the original post, Robert Stephen Consulting believes in giving appropriate attention to all areas throughout the IWMS implementation.  By focusing on areas other than the technology aspect, which only takes up about 20% of the entire process, RSC is able to provide a seamless transition that complements our client’s business process.


Translating our client’s desired goals into functional tools requires a strong design process. RSC synthesizes the desired program requirements into workable solutions by drawing upon staff strengths, professional experience, and strong design skills.

Start with the End Goal in mind: Reporting

When the end goal is understood the entire IMWS implementation will be driven to that goal. RSC has found that defining the desired reports at the beginning of the project focuses effort, drives decisions, and provides the framework for all discussions, meetings, goals, and activities. When the desired data for the reports is understood, activities in the IMWS that support that data are implemented and other activities are placed on hold for future needs or dismissed all together.

RSC conducts a meeting with their client’s staff to gain consensus and provide a forum for understanding, adjustments, and direction related to reporting. Knowing that standards drive clear reporting, RSC also provides a Standards Document to all clients recommending best practices and how they related to the ARCHIBUS IWMS system.


RSC requires a strong partnering environment. Partnering with our clients is defined as “One that is united or associated with another or others in an activity or a sphere of common interest.” Working towards the IWMS goal of our client is RSC’s core competency. Our entire existence is providing these services for our clients. When our clients provide professional and ethical direction to RSC we respond in kind.

Partnering requires RSC and their client to transform their businesses in terms of relationships, behaviors, processes, communications and leadership. Neither RSC nor their client can succeed without the other.

We are partners in your success and not only for your technology implementation.  IWMS solutions are a tool used to support everyday processes.  They are not solutions for fixing problems.  RSC can help identify those areas instead of trying to put a technology “bandaid” over the problem like many implementation teams will do.

We have team members who understand facilities and have been where many of our clients have been.   Often the need or problem has been seen before. Instead of reinventing the wheel, RSC leverages past experience and presents a modified solution for the clients review. This allows both RSC staff and the Client to review the need and discover areas of improvement/functionality not previously considered.Please comment below with any thoughts, feedback, or questions.  We love hearing from you!

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