There are 10 essential keys to facilitate a successful Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) implementation that we at RSC have found to be helpful through experience.  Each will be discussed at length over the next few months.

This week’s subject is RSC’s first key to a successful integration: having an Internal Champion.

So what is an Internal Champion?

An Internal Champion is an employee who oversees the implementation of an IWMS.  Some of his or her key responsibilities are publicizing and promoting the IWMS application throughout their company, negotiating between their company and IWMS’ sales team, and ensuring cooperation between departments.

How does having an Internal Champion benefit a company?

Unfortunately, an IWMS is often under-utilized for varying reasons: the company as a whole may be unsure of how to utilize the system to achieve it’s goals, the company may be unfamiliar with how the the system works, and many, many more reasons. Each company is different and has its own unique challenges. The Champion breaches these challenges and ensures that their company’s IWMS is in line with company goals and functions efficiently.  The Champion must manage the appropriate approach and timing of each newly added function of an IWMS system. In this sense, the Champion commits to clearly explaining to the IWMS’ sales team why the company may or may not be ready to integrate a new module to the IWMS.

In the pie chart mentioned a few posts back, we explained that when an IWMS is first being integrated into a company, there are three areas that need to be considered and managed: the company’s own business process, their political arena, or, in other words, the driving reasons and forces behind a company’s requests and needs, and the technology that will be most effective. The Internal Champion would act as an ambassador between internal departments and between the IWMS sales team and his or her own company by knowing and being aware of each of these areas and the driving force each one has. The Champion would then be able to explain and negotiate between each department and then represent the company accurately when implementing the IWMS.

Assign an Internal Champion

An Internal Champion is one of the key steps in implementing an IWMS successfully, and, consequentially, will lead to a flourishing IWMS that gives accurate reports and aids employees in locating, managing, and tracking.

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