Naturally, reporting accuracy can be difficult because of its complexity;  there are many, tiny pieces to the puzzle of reporting that all need to be correct in order to produce an accurate report. Accuracy can be accomplished by following the three foundational principles below.

1. Have a regularly scheduled employee synchronization with the HR department.

A regularly scheduled employee synchronization with the HR department protects your data.  It assures that all employees are up to date in the system and that employee location and assets are current and tracked accurately.

2. Have a single move process that is followed.

No matter how large or small the move is, if you ensure that one particular move process is followed every single time, without exception, your data is significantly more likely to come out accurate.

3. Walk the floors on a regular basis.

Commit to update your data by walking floors anywhere from once a quarter to once a year.  Whichever time period you decide, keep it consistent!  The more consistent you are, the more accurate your data will be, resulting in more accurate reports.


The key to all these processes is consistency. Once these processes are established and consistent, reporting accuracy will be easier and relatively automatic.

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