Robert Stephen Consulting is always looking for talented people to join our team.  We currently have two positions available. If you have a facilities, programming or CAD background and like to find solutions for customers problems, then RSC might be a place for you!

  1. Account Manager
  2. IWMS/CAFM Admin 2

To find more information about the details and requirements for each position, please click on the links.

Why work for RSC?

RSC has a very unique culture.  Above all we value Transparency, Integrity, Straightforwardness, and Professionalism.  Additionally, Bob Stephen, our CEO & Managing Director has done his best to create a place of employment that honors the family and ensures harmony between the workplace and the home.  RSC believes people work harder when given the opportunity for a flexible schedule and employees will be (a) happier, (b) more productive, and (c) produce higher quality work.  We at RSC understand the importance of “being there” for your family, and don’t mind if our employees need to leave for a few hours mid-day to go to a child’s soccer game, run to the grocery store, or simply take care of your family as long as assignments are met.

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