With 2015 coming to a close, we thought we’d share some insights from this article7 Reasons for Your Business to Start Using IWMS in 2015,” posted by Scott Kay back in February.  We couldn’t agree more with what Scott had to say about the new trends this past year making the use of an IWMS a necessity, and thought you might like to know in case you didn’t get the chance to read it already.

Here is our summary of Scott Kay’s 7 Reasons to Start Using IWMS in 2015

1. Integration

IWMS systems are redifining the “I” in IWMS.  Most solutions are focused on presenting a simplified integration process.


2. Mobility

It’s no shocker that mobile devices, whether it be an Apple Tablet or an Android phone are exceeding laptops and desktops in internet access.  This being said, all management systems will need to have increased mobile usability.  Workers need platforms that allow for greater functionality for Smartphones and Tablets while out of office.


3. Internet of Things

We live in a connected world.  Just about everyone is connected to the internet just about all the time.  “Smart”  is applied to a greater range of devices as technology advances and becomes more affordable.  Cloud computing is now an important part of everyday activities in the business world.  A shift is happening toward usability of devices carried rather than traditional stationary systems.


4. Big Data/Analytics

All workers operating with facts and numbers increasingly rely on deep insight.  Not only must you have the latest numbers, but you need a greater understanding of what those number mean and how they can work for your company.


5. Data Standards

The transaction of data between systems must go as smoothly as possible.  This is where IWMS comes in.  A good quality IWMS (like ARCHIBUS) can help different sections of a company work together in harmony.


6. Capital Planning

A feature that targets government, healthcare, and higher education bodies that operate their own buildings.  The essential desire is the ability to identify the most important projects and ensure their priority with funding.  Adding capital planning as a key feature will help immensely.


7. 360 Degrees of Customer Experience

Businesses need to understand their customer’s behavior, how to assist the customer in all situations, and ensure the best customer service experience.  Guiding the customer is incredibly important and an effective IWMS platform must be capable of providing data about the customer’s past actions, current needs, and create future projections.

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