Robert Stephen Consulting, LLC provides free 30-minute Client Training session every Friday at 10:00AM PST!  RSC prides itself in providing learning opportunities for our clients.  We feel that if our clients know the system better, we will able to work better with them to discover and implement the solutions that they need.

Last week Matt Ritzman led our Client Training on AutoCAD Basics: BOMA Polylining. Below is the outline of the training:

Polylines to BOMA Standards

Polylines are derived from lines and arcs. My favorite AutoCAD tools that help to create polylines are the following:
Object Snap Tracking – also TRA

Developing an understanding of the available tools and their quirks allows you to create your polylines much more efficiently.

BOMA Standards

BOMA = Building Office Managers Association
The purpose of BOMA standards is to assign spaces in a way that all owners and lessors can agree on the area that is being used.  BOMA is concerned about relationships between owners and renters.  This means that these standards don’t account for areas within a rented space.  That is to say, BOMA doesn’t care how you polyline a cubicle or a desk.  There are other standards that are less concerned about exact measurements that are worth knowing about:
NBSAP = National Business Space Assignment Policy from the GSA (General Services Administration)
Used by government.  This is concerned with how space is defined on a much more granular level than BOMA.   But less concerned with exact measurements of space.
FICM = Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual
Used by Education.  This is similar to the NBSAP, in that it focuses on Space.

Categories and Types

The area measuring standards allow you to be confident about the space that you occupy.
– It gives you the ability to negotiate with your renters or the landlord according to facts rather than estimations.
– It allows you to report consistently on space categories, types, uses, and standards.

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We’d love to have you join us for our next on System Administration, specifically Schema Changes on Friday, January 8th.

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Our weekly client trainings are held Fridays from 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM PST.  This is an opportunity to learn more about an area of ARCHIBUS that you may not be familiar with.
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