Megan: Why is there a need for an IWMS system and what you provide?

Bob: It’s really an infant application. It’s not like accounting or architecture that have been around for decades or centuries. It’s only been around for about 35 years. What happens is when a company gets to about 2,000 employees, they begin to lose track of things. So their strategic planning, their acquisition, or reduction is very difficult for them to understand. What this system does is it allows you to graphically show your occupancy, your vacancy, where your division and departments are, your organizational breakdown visually on a floorplan, and it is live against a database so you can do some very good strategic reports. The beginning claim to fame is helping these companies to make these strategic decisions as they are growing or reducing at about 2,000 employees or greater. Now we have some companies that have about 60,000 employees, 30,000, 20,000, even 10,000, but 2,000 is the break.

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