This is part 3 of a 5 part series on “The 5 Reasons Your Company Needs A Painted Picture”

With each New Year, I noticed many friends and family, myself included, making resolutions to finally “get in shape.” While “getting fit” is a great goal, it is rather arbitrary. Simply stating you want to get in shape or get fit lacks the detail others need to adequately comprehend your goal. My understanding might be to simply drop ten pounds, while yours consists of a lifestyle change resulting in healthier eating habits and establishing a routine exercise plan. It is only when we are able to share the full picture that we are able to fully understand and help each other accomplish our goals.  Having a Unified Growth Strategy at work is no different.

Share your vision: Paint the Picture
By now, you understand the basics of a Painted Picture. Thus, you know that it is hands-down, a good tool for a CEO to express their vision to staff. Therefore, one component of the painted picture should address how the company is going to move forward and grow in the upcoming years.

Not only do we need to share what and where our destination is; We need to share with our teams how we are getting to our destination. Driving cross country on Route 66 is a much different experience than a direct flight from JFK to LA. You can’t leave your staff guessing what they’re doing, where they’re going, and how they’re going to get there or you will wind up at different destinations or even worse getting to the same destination at completely different times.

Which Growth Strategy is right for you?

Well, it’s going to depend on what you want. Perhaps your company’s strategy is going to be working with existing clients and helping them with their needs. That is a viable and sustainable growth plan. On the other hand, perhaps you’re going to look at selling to new clients and having a strong marketing strategy. If that is the case, then you’re going to need to look at implementing a sales force to go and do the legwork. Or perhaps you’re looking at expanding into new geographic areas. Maybe it means bringing in new software or technology to increase your ability or reach.

Once you made your decision, the point then is to clearly express the goals to your staff. Because if you just say, “We need to grow this year,” each team member is going to envision a different process to reaching that goal. Once your team fully understands the vision, though, they will jump on board. They will be behind you and they will understand what their role is in the plan or they will leave to other opportunities that fit their goals more closely.

Again, it all ties back to painting the picture for your team: whether it is in a growth strategy meeting or in the gym, you must have a very clear and specific goal you are reaching for if you want to get anything done.

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