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ARCHIBUS Ranked as One of World’s Largest Software and Services Providers for 6th time by Software Magazine

Top Real Estate, Infrastructure&Facilities Management Software Developer Enhances Latest Offerings with Advanced Enterprise Asset Management, Strategic Space Planning, Environmental Sustainability, Mobility and other Applications

December 14, 2015 — Boston, Massachusetts

ARCHIBUS,  the #1 developer in the world of real estate, infrastructure, and facilities management software and services, today announces its inclusion in Software Magazine’s Software 500 ranking of the world’s largest software and services providers. ARCHIBUS and its associated ARCHIBUS Federated Eco-System is ranked #55 on the list, with total annual software and services activities exceeding $2.7 billion (USD). Rankings also indicate that ARCHIBUS is: the World’s 3rd Largest “Enterprise Application/Data Integration” Provider; Boston’s Largest Software and Services Provider; and, the largest Family Owned/Privately Held Software and Services Provider in the World.

“The Software 500 helps CIOs, senior IT managers, and IT staff research and create the short list of business partners,” says Thomas Tetreault, publisher/editor-in-chief of Software Magazine. “It is a quick reference of vendor viability. The ranking is based on total worldwide software and services revenue from the 2014 fiscal year. This includes revenue from software licenses, maintenance and support, training, software-related services, and consulting.”

The “Intelligent-Advancements” of ARCHIBUS V.22 were enabled by the expertise of over 8 million ARCHIBUS Federated Eco-System (AFE) Members who manage over 22 million properties and buildings in over 190 countries. Research and Development (R&D) activities, which were supported with an R&D budget of over $768 million, and recommendations from AFE Members produced significant results. Four of the areas of advancement include:

  1. “Intelligent Extensions,” via ARCHIBUS Intelligent-Enterprise Information Modeling™ (i-EIM™) Elements for World-Class apps, enabling i-EAM, i-CAD, i-BIM, i-GIS, i-CMMS, i-ERP and many others
  2. Advancement of over 100,000 i-EIM-driven Connectors for legacy systems, point solutions and other technologies enable creation of Ubiquitous BIG Data Solutions™ that are founded on the syncing of an organization’s data, information, knowledge, and wisdom
  3. Intelligent City and Community Transformation™” (ICCT™) Programs and Initiatives focus on the evolution of “Smart” Properties, Building & Cities into “Intelligent” Properties, Buildings and Cities
  4. Advancement of Intelligent Cities Councils (ICCs™) in dozens of countries around the globe.

“The ‘Intelligent Extensions’ of ARCHIBUS are proving to be a bellwether of technology direction,” saysBruce K. Forbes, Founder/President and CEO, ARCHIBUS, Inc.  “For example, Intelligent-Enterprise Asset Management enables the creation of ‘intelligent assets’ through i-EIM-driven i-EAM elements such as Quad-directional Connectivity™ connecting and integrating Alpha/Numeric, CAD, BIM, and GIS Apps with intelligent consoles and other apps. One great example of the benefit of i-EAM is at a leading European Telecommunications Company who, within just 18 months of utilizing ARCHIBUS i-EAM and other ARCHIBUS offerings, were able to save over 1,000 million (USD). The savings were then utilized to increase their productivity and profitability as reflected in their market value increasing over 160% during the following two years.”

In 2014, the 100,000+ Connectors were empowered by 90+ ARCHIBUS Applications and Activities helping ARCHIBUS Users save their organizations over $175 billion (USD), while increasing productivity and profitability. Some of the savings were utilized for environmental sustainability, “Smart” Properties, Buildings and Cities initiatives and ICCT Programs and Initiatives.

“ARCHIBUS, over the last 40 years, has been involved with the development and deployment of “Smart” and “Intelligent” technologies, practices and workflows for properties, buildings and cities,” says Mr. Forbes. He also noted, “ICCT Programs and Initiatives have progressed at a remarkable rate this last year and include best practices, benchmarks, balanced scorecards, TCO and KPI metrics, Needs Analyses and Alignment Initiatives — all of which are supported by AFE Peer Advisors and Consultants who enable the cost efficient and timely evolution from ‘Smart’ offerings to ‘Intelligent’ offerings, as well as rapid new initiatives of Intelligent Cities Councils.”

With the assistance of ARCHIBUS and AFE Peer Advisors from around the globe, over a dozen countries have been involved in establishing and/or advancing their Intelligent City Council initiatives. The remarkable news is that the millions of AFE professionals involved in the use of ARCHIBUS and in ARCHIBUS User Groups (AUGs), Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and Centers of Excellence (CoEs) have been willing to share their experiences with others, helping them realize extensive savings of time, effort and money.

Visit ARCHIBUS.COM to learn more or email to request a conversation with an ARCHIBUS and/or AFE Peer Advisor. Visit to subscribe and be among the first to see the 2015 Software 500, released in the November issue as both a print and digital publication. Hard copies of the issue, as well as an extensive CD of ranking data, are available to purchase.

About ARCHIBUS and its associated ARCHIBUS Federated Eco-System

ARCHIBUS is the #1 real estate, infrastructure & facilities management solution in the world with the total annual expenditures for ARCHIBUS-related products and services at over $2.7 billion (USD). There are over 8,000,000 ARCHIBUS users worldwide at over 44,000 deployment sites, which are supported by members of the ARCHIBUS Federated Eco-System that include over 1,700 ARCHIBUS Solution Centers and Certified Business Partners. ARCHIBUS users manage over 22 million buildings and properties, saving their organizations over $100 billion (USD) annually. For more than four decades, ARCHIBUS innovations have fostered remarkable institutional, business and government transformations.

Since 1968, ARCHIBUS has been a pioneer in “Smart” technologies for properties, buildings, campuses and cities. Since 1980, ARCHIBUS has been involved in the evolution of “Smart Cities” into “Intelligent Cities.” Currently active in over 190 countries, ARCHIBUS is now the leading global advisor and “smart city technologies integrator” for “Smart Cities” and “ Intelligent Cities and Communities Transformation™” (ICCT™) Programs and Initiatives.

The comprehensive ARCHIBUS solution suite addresses the most challenging business issues in: Real Estate Portfolio Management; Capital Project Management; Space Planning & Management; Move Management; Intelligent-Enterprise Asset Management; Environmental & Risk Management; Building Operations; Intelligent Workplace Services and Service Level Agreement Management™; and Extensions & Frameworks for “Smart Cities”, “Intelligent Cities” and “Intelligent Individuals & Communities”; Quad-Directional Connectivity™ [A/N | CAD | BIM | GIS]; Intelligent-Performance Metrics™, Intelligent-Mobile Apps Frameworks, Intelligent-Crowd Sourcing™ and Intelligent-Social Media™; Intelligent-Enterprise Information Modeling™, Intelligent-Enterprise Asset Management™, Intelligent-Enterprise Resource Planning™ (i-ERP™); Ubiquitous Big Data™, Ubiquitous Infrastructure & Facilities Management™ (UIFM™); and more.

Recent awards/acknowledgments of ARCHIBUS dominance in real estate, infrastructure and facilities management, include: CIO Review named ARCHIBUS among the 20 Most Promising Enterprise Asset Management Solution Providers 2015; and, ARCHIBUS, named in the Cloud Top 500 Applications Vendorsrankings compiled by research firm Apps Run the World: ARCHIBUS ranks 63rd.  

ARCHIBUS is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.
Visit, or call +1-617-227-2508.
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