Here is another amazing press release from the end of 2015.

CIO Review Names ARCHIBUS in Top 20 Most Promising Enterprise Asset Management Solution Providers 2015

November 04, 2015 — Boston, Massachusetts

A distinguished panel comprised of CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, VCs, analysts and CIO Review editorial board has selected ARCHIBUS, Inc. (, the #1 developer worldwide of real estate, infrastructure and facilities management software, as among the Top 20 Most Promising Enterprise Asset Management Solution Providers.
CIO Review (The Navigator for Enterprise Solutions) announced the Most Promising list in a special section of the publication’s October 2015 issue. The companies featured in this list provide a look into how their solutions work in the real world, so readers can gain a comprehensive understanding of what technologies and services are available from proven technology solution providers.
“Intelligent-Enterprise Asset Management enables the creation of ‘intelligent assets’ through i-EAM’s Quad-directional Connectivity which connects and integrates Alpha Numeric, CAD, BIM, and GIS Apps,” says Bruce K. Forbes, Founder/President and CEO, ARCHIBUS, Inc. “A great example of the benefit of i-EAM is at one of Europe’s leading Telecommunications Companies who, in 2003 after just 18 months of utilizing their ARCHIBUS i-EAM and other ARCHIBUS offerings, were able to save over 1,000 million (USD).
“At ARCHIBUS, over the last 40 years, we have developed and interfaced with world-class smart and intelligent technologies and workflows that continually evolve into a category called “intelligent enterprise information modeling” of which i-EAM is one of its primary components. We connect our solutions with the existing systems and legacy data to create Ubiquitous BIG Data that have been founded on the syncing of an organization’s data, information, knowledge, and wisdom,” adds Forbes.
About ARCHIBUS, Inc. and the ARCHIBUS Federated Eco-System
ARCHIBUS is the #1 real estate, infrastructure & facilities management solution in the world with the total annual expenditures for ARCHIBUS-related products and services at over $2.7 billion (USD). There are over 8,000,000 ARCHIBUS users worldwide at over 40,000 deployment sites, which are supported by members of the ARCHIBUS Federated Eco-System that include over 1,700 ARCHIBUS Solution Centers and Certified Business Partners.
ARCHIBUS users manage over 22 million buildings and properties, saving their organizations over $100 billion (USD) annually. For more than four decades, ARCHIBUS innovations have fostered institutional, business and government transformations. Since 1968, ARCHIBUS has been a pioneer in “Smart” technologies for properties, buildings, campuses and cities. Since 1980, ARCHIBUS has been involved in the evolution of “Smart Cities” into “Intelligent Cities.” Currently active in over 190 countries, ARCHIBUS is now the leading global advisor and “smart city technologies integrator” for Intelligent Cities and Communities Transformation™ (ICCT™) Programs and Initiatives.
The comprehensive ARCHIBUS solution suite addresses the most challenging business issues in: Real Estate Portfolio Management; Capital Project Management; Space Planning & Management; Move Management; Asset Management; Environmental & Risk Management; Building Operations; Intelligent Workplace Services and Service Level Agreement Management™; and Extensions & Frameworks for “Smart Cities”, “Intelligent Cities” and “Intelligent Individuals * Communities”; Quad-Directional Connectivity™ [A/N | CAD | BIM | GIS]; Intelligent-Performance Metrics  Intelligent-Mobile Apps Frameworks, Intelligent-Crowd Sourcing™ and Intelligent-Social Media™; Intelligent-Enterprise Information Modeling™, Intelligent Enterprise Asset Management™, Intelligent-Enterprise Resource Planning™ (i-ERP™); Ubiquitous Big Data™, Ubiquitous Infrastructure & Facilities Management™; and more.
ARCHIBUS, Inc. is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.
Visit, or call +1-617-227-2508.

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