With the increased popularity of telecommuting and working remotely, it’s no wonder hoteling has become so popular. But what is hoteling exactly?

Hoteling is a method of space management where employees schedule the use of their work environment (e.g., desks, cubicles, and offices) rather than having a singular assigned location.
Think of it the same way you think of booking your hotel stay on vacation.  Ather than the traditional method of permanently-assigned seating, employees reserve a desk or workspace based on availablility for the specific days they plan to be in the office.

It’s beneficial for a number of reasons.

  1. Reduces Carbon Footprint
  2. Saves cost on commercial real estate
  3. Allows for Flexible Work Arrangements
  4. Promotes Space Efficiency
  5. Promotes creative work environment

In some ways, the practice of hoteling itself has caused a shift in employee mobility. It has allowed employees to more comfortably work when they travel frequently or work remotely.

“With the help of Hoteling, organizations can quickly find and book the required number of rooms for specific time periods and at desired locations, thus optimizing space utilization and fostering productivity for visiting employees, contractors, teleworkers, or temporary project-based teams.

At many organizations, office space is frequently underutilized by 50% or more, resulting in a larger than necessary real estate and carbon footprint, along with their associated costs. Web-based ARCHIBUS Hoteling enables organizations to more fully utilize existing space, potentially reduce leased/owned space in their portfolios, as well as decrease carbon emissions and workspace operating costs. It supports temporary allocation of on-site workspace to dynamic project-based teams and makes implementation of increasingly popular telework initiatives possible. Additionally, Hoteling simplifies implementation of shared space chargebacks, which further encourages space efficiency and responsibility for occupancy costs.”1

RSC has over 10 years of experience helping our clients successfully implement and use the Hotel Scheduling Module in ARCHIBUS. We currently have many clients happily using this tool and would love to help you make the switch!

If you would like to learn more or request a demo on Hoteling, contact info@rsc2lc.com

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