This is part 4 of a 5 part series on “The 5 Reasons Your Company Needs A Painted Picture”
If you haven’t read the Painted Picture post, please do so!

We’ve already talked about how aligning staff and employees to the Painted Picture are vital to your company’s success. We are going to take it to the next level and discuss something equally important: aligning stakeholders to your vision.

The Importance of Using a Painted Picture to Align Stakeholders

There’s nothing more gut-wrenching than when a client tells you they aren’t sure your company can meet their needs any more. They specifically chose you because they needed something that you could do or fulfill for them that no one else could. So what can you do to help fulfill their needs?

Compare your Painted Pictures

When clients come to me, concerned that my small company may not be able to keep up with their growing demands, I ask them a few questions:

    • What is your growth strategy?
    • What is your exit strategy?
    • What areas are you focusing on in the next 1-2 years?
    • What new needs or activities will you need from us over the next few years?

Once I have these answers, which is a version of their Painted Picture, I can show them our Painted Picture. By illustrating our growth plan for the next few years, I have the opportunity to highlight how we can continue to meet their existing and upcoming needs.  Being able to show clients this has been priceless. They have been able to see why they should put their trust in my company and then reap benefits from the products and services we provide.

Use Painted Pictures to improve client relations

As I’ve compared Painted Pictures with clients, we have done more than just help them realize we are and will continue to be a best fit to meet their needs. It has increased the trust and communication for our relationship. Having clients ask questions and see our Painted Picture clearly helps them understand that we are aligned with their needs, that we are willing to listen to all of their concerns, and that we are working hard to anticipate any future needs they may have.

Meetings like these reinforce how amazing establishing a Painted Picture truly is.  The clarity, focus, and applicability it brings are truly amazing.

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