While standing in the lobby of the Marriott Marquis San Diego with a few of my clients and employees, we were discussing the merits of the ARCHIBUS  Nexus conference we just attended.  We reminisced about the training we took and the tricks we learned and continued with kudos to companies that had wowed us with their foresight and implementation. There was also the overall excitement of the next Nexus to be held at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, not to mention the awesome social events we attended in the evenings.

As usual, I expressed my thoughts on why to attend these conferences.  To provide credence, I do come with some expertise to this subject.  I’ve
attended 17 consecutive ARCHIBUS conferences.  I said, “One, you come to see the new innovations of ARCHIBUS and client installations, two, to validate that you are on the right track, and three, to determine what you have neglected and can improve.” One of my employees immediately
concurred and my clients nodded.
Reflecting on these thoughts, here are the 3 Vs of ARCHIBUS Nexus attendance.


Steve Segarra, CTO @ ARCHIBUS

It is fascinating to watch Steve Segarra, CTO of ARCHIBUS, present the road-map for the product.  The new functionality presented always creates two emotions, 1) that is totally cool, and 2) I need to begin learning, right now, what it will take to get these features to my clients.

While ARCHIBUS is already in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for IWMS it is clear that with a seasoned veteran, as Steve is, ARCHIBUS is here stay.

Additionally, a transportation agency in Asia Pacific presented an awesome presentation of connecting live cameras, transportation sensors, and live dashboards that not only helps report on the assets but allows for real-time management of the subway systems.


Often what we do for our clients, while completely valid, is done somewhat in a vacuum. We listen to their requirements and implement them. The conference allows us to share and discuss these successes and compare notes, the opportunities and the constraints.
These discussions often provide validation of our direction. This is comforting and reassuring. Some examples of these moments are:
  1. Identifying that our synchronization process is rock solid and continues to provide the most current data for our clients to report on.
  2. That the dashboards are as strong as we’ve seen.
  3. The Energy Management system recently implemented at our client’s site is in keeping with other implementations.
  4. The direction of mobile installations are still valid and strong.

These validations always energize our clients and staff.


Usually at these conferences we see something that was overlooked by our organization.  They are valid business processes and technology implementations that are needed.  So why do I call this velocity?  Well simply put, we need to speed up in certain areas of our deployments.
When identified we immediately begin to mobilize to play a
bit of a catch up game.  Or we reach out to the Business Partner to create a relationship and provide services for our clients. These moments keep us humble and cause reflection.  Over the years I have noticed that our clients have the same experiences. Almost every conference one of our clients asks, “When can we implement that idea?”
Regardless of your seniority in your company I strongly recommend attending the ARCHIBUS Nexus conferences.  Perhaps the 3 Vs of ARCHIBUS Nexus can be applied to your next conference experience.


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