RSC has had an amazing time last week at the Business Partner portion of the Nexus Conference. We’ve been refreshed and refueled as we’ve listened to seminars and attended trainings by the best of the best at ARCHIBUS.


Sunday – Bar from ARCHIBUS teaching Strategic Space Planning training
Greg Alevaras, Michael Willette, Ian Gelling, & Brad Peterson panel about working with other Partners and with ARCHIBUS to better serve Partners.
Greg Alevaras, Brad Peterson, and Some European Dude talk about Industry Trends – More Government clients are asking for Asset Management, we are seeing the need to deal with / integrate with more Cloud Applications


Above Right:
Nick Stephanadakis talks about BP-created Add-Ins to ARCHIBUS, leads a discussion on ARCHIBUS customization standards (not surprisingly, RSC ARCHIBUS customization standards comply with the industry standard)
Above Left:
Steve Segarra talks about ARCHIBUS V23 – Integrated Revit 3D models, optional Numeric Keys, Financial Analytics Module.
Sean Benson doing Enterprise Asset Management Training

Stay tuned for more about the ARCHIBUS Nexus Conference!

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