The purpose of ARCHIBUS’ Furniture & Equipment Manager is to monitor and control physical asset cost and utilization to increase organizational accountability.


  • Manages asset ownership and usage to increase organizational accountability and reduce costs.
  • Reduces the need for write-offs by tracking the location and depreciation of assets.
  • Facilitates trial layouts for analyzing various move options before executing them.
  • Executes simple moves, adds, and changes to maximize/minimize disruption and sustain productivity.
  • Analyzes the financial impact of furniture and equipment inventories.
Effectively managing physical assets, such as furniture and equipment, is vital to maintaining the financial health of an organization. Yet trying to track the changeover of assets and staff while keeping an eye on costs can often seem overwhelming. The ARCHIBUS Furniture & Equipment Management application is an AutoCAD®-based solution that helps you manage those assets cost-effectively and design more productive work environments. This application also helps minimize costs and maximize productivity in the planning and execution of individual or small group moves, adds, and changes. Organizations encountering large group moves or complex move/add/change processes can also implement the Web-based ARCHIBUS Enterprise Move Management application.

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